Thursday, April 21, 2016

Coffee Fueled Thoughts

Hi folks. My name is Daniela. I've hosted, and then co-hosted, the Caffeinated Knitting podcast for the last 4 years. On Caffeinated Knitting I truly enjoyed talking about my adventures in knitting as I expanded my knowledge of the craft, but  I've recently felt the need to explore other interests as well. I was feeling tied down to just knitting and not able to explore other things I enjoy doing because I needed that knitting content for the podcast. This led to deep thoughts and the realization that it was time to bring Caffeinated Knitting to an end.
I feel like the Caffeinated Knitting chapter is finished and am very happy about our decision to stop, recording, but I miss the outlet of having a podcast and talking about my misadventures. As a result, I've decided to start a new blog and podcast where I can broaden my sphere of topics. Yes, there will always be knitting. I'm a capital K Knitter so, of course, there will be knitting content! However, I would also like to share my adventures in spinning, sewing, quilting, yoga, gaming, reading, coloring, and whatever else strikes my fancy!
Right now the plan is to keep things simple and easy for myself. I will make blog posts and/or record podcasts as the fancy strikes me, which means no set schedule. I'm pretty darn excited about new things I'm learning though so I predict you will hear from me often!
For now this gives you an idea of my plans... this weekend look for my first podcast.

Happy crafting!